A Groundbreaking Children’s Book Celebrating Diversity in Family Creation

Markus Harwood-Jones, a well-known TikTok personality, recently shone a spotlight on a remarkable children’s book that’s capturing the hearts of parents, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. “What Makes a Baby” by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth is receiving rave reviews for its groundbreaking approach to children’s literature.

Designed for kids between preschool and eight years old, this vibrant and inclusive book takes readers on a journey to explore the many ways babies come into the world. With its vivid illustrations and simple language, it makes the science of conception accessible and engaging for children of all backgrounds.

Harwood-Jones couldn’t help but praise the book on TikTok, calling it “a beautifully simple yet accurate and inclusive depiction of how babies are made.” What makes this book truly special is its ability to resonate with everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or family makeup.

A Groundbreaking Children’s Book Celebrating Diversity in Family Creation

Unlike other books that focus on specific methods like IVF or surrogacy, “What Makes a Baby” tells a story of a sperm and an egg uniting and being implanted in someone with a uterus. It acknowledges the diverse paths to conception and the variety of people involved in the process.

The comments on Harwood-Jones’s TikTok video echoed his enthusiasm, with many applauding the book’s accuracy and inclusivity. Users expressed gratitude for a book that mirrors the diversity of modern families and offers a compassionate yet straightforward explanation of conception.

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B.J. Woodstein, a queer author and parent, highlighted the book’s vibrant illustrations and gender-neutral characters as its strengths. She emphasized how it serves as an excellent tool for discussing trans topics with children and allows parents to tailor the conversation to their own family’s story.

With its inclusive message and celebration of diversity, “What Makes a Baby” goes beyond being just a children’s book—it’s a testament to the many ways love builds families. As parents navigate the task of explaining the origins of life to their children, this book becomes an invaluable resource, fostering understanding and acceptance from a young age.

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