Around 25% of American high school students identify as members of the LGBTQ community!

Recent research from the CDC’s biennial Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey found that one in four high school students identify as having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual.

The research, which utilized data from 2021, found that the percentage of heterosexual 14- to 18-year-olds was at a historic low of 75.5%. The remaining 12.1% identified as questioning their sexuality, 3.9% as homosexual or lesbian, 3.9% as ‘other,’ and 5.2% as ‘other’ themselves.

There Must Be Focus on Sexual Orientation Issues

The percentage of students who do not identify as straight has more than doubled between 2015 and 2021, jumping from 11% to 24.5% of the student body. This represents a major change in a relatively short time.

In contrast to the adult population, where only approximately 7% identify as homosexual, bi, or other, the non-heterosexual identity rate is significantly higher among school-aged children. This suggests that issues of sexuality and sexual orientation are particularly important to address and comprehend in the context of younger age groups.

1 in 4 US High School Students Identifies as LGBTQ

Statistics from the Polling

The study was statistically valid since it gathered responses from 17,232 students at 152 schools located in 45 different US states. Questions about drug and alcohol usage, gun ownership, and even sexual orientation are included in the poll.

Students who answered “gay,” “lesbian,” “bisexual,” or “questioning” on the survey were classified as “non-heterosexual.” According to the CDC, this demographic now accounts for 25% of the student body, up from 15% in 2017.

The CDC acknowledges that this dramatic increase may be attributable to differences in the wording of the survey questions. A possible cause of the rise in rates is the inclusion of “questioning” as a potential response.

Possibility of Experiencing Mental Health Issues

According to recent research, members of the LGBT community who identify as students are more likely to suffer from severe mental health issues.

The results suggest that more than half of bisexual female high school students had pondered suic*de and that 40% of homosexual and lesbian female high school students have had similar thoughts. As a comparison, just 20% of female students identify as heterosexual.

1 in 4 US High School Students Identifies as LGBTQ

Almost a third of bisexual women in school has thought about or attempted suic*de.

Similarly, the rate of suic*de ideation among homosexual men was 35%, whereas it was 40% among bisexual men. While 10% of gay men have considered suic*de, only 5% have actually attempted it.

Twenty percent of homosexual males and seventeen percent of bisexual men among college students had tried suic*de.

Danger of Abuse

23% of bisexual students and 17% of homosexual and lesbian students stated they had been physically pressured into conducting a sexual act against their will. Contrast this with the 5% of heterosexual students who came forward to report similar mistreatment.

Further, sexual violence from a partner was twice as common among students in same-sex relationships. These results highlight the need for more help and resources to accommodate the specific difficulties LGBT kids experience.

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