Drag Restaurant Countersues Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters Over Defamation

The owners of East Frank Superette and Kitchen in Monroe, North Carolina, have taken legal action against anti-LGBTQ+ protesters who have persistently targeted their establishment with accusations of “grooming” and “pedophilia.”

Despite hosting all-ages drag brunch shows for several years, the restaurant has faced opposition from some members of the community who deem such events inappropriate for children.

Co-owner Carley Englander has expressed frustration over the baseless accusations and disruptive behavior of the protesters, highlighting concerns for the safety of employees and patrons.

In response to a lawsuit filed by some of the protesters alleging misuse of their images in promotional materials, East Frank’s owners have countersued for defamation. They argue that the protesters have consistently and falsely accused the restaurant of facilitating child abuse and exploitation, damaging its reputation and financial well-being.

Drag Restaurant Countersues Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters Over Defamation

The restaurant asserts that drag performances are not forms of abuse or exploitation but are instead forms of artistic expression and entertainment. Englander emphasizes the emotional toll of enduring repeated false accusations, despite their lack of truth.

To support their legal defense, East Frank’s owners have initiated a crowdfunding campaign, citing the financial burden of defending against what they perceive as an orchestrated attack funded by external interests.

In pursuing their countersuit, the restaurant aims to defend its reputation and livelihood against what it perceives as unfounded attacks. As Englander states, their decision to take legal action is driven by a need to protect themselves from unwarranted accusations and ensure the continued operation of their business.

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