Is Joe Keery Gay? The Unseen Side of ‘Stranger Things’s star Joe Keery!

In recent years, Joe Keery has risen to fame, largely due to his portrayal of Steve Harrington in the hit series “Stranger Things.” This surge in popularity has given rise to persistent rumors about his sexual orientation, both on and off-screen. In this article, we will delve into the speculation surrounding Joe Keery’s sexuality and explore the facts.

Joe Keery’s Sexual Orientation

One of the most frequently asked questions about Joe Keery is whether he is gay. Despite the ongoing rumors, it is essential to clarify that Joe Keery is not gay; he identifies as straight. While he may not have publicly announced his sexual orientation, his actions and relationships in real life suggest that he is not a part of the LGBTQI+ community.

Exploring the Rumors

The speculation about Joe’s sexuality began with a series of photos circulating on the internet.

Is Joe Keery gay

These images showed Joe Keery in seemingly intimate situations with his male co-stars, though these interactions could be entirely platonic. Regardless, it is crucial to understand that these photos alone do not determine a person’s sexual orientation.

Steve Harrington’s Sexual Orientation

The character Joe Keery portrays in “Stranger Things,” Steve Harrington, has also been subject to speculation regarding his sexual orientation. This debate stems from the fact that, in the earlier seasons of the show, Steve was in a romantic relationship with Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer.

However, as the story progresses, we see Steve grappling with dissatisfaction in his romantic life, leading some viewers to question his sexual orientation.

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Robin Buckley’s Rumored Sexuality

In “Stranger Things,” another character, Robin Buckley, portrayed by Maya Hawke, is also rumored to be gay. While the show does explore themes of sexuality and self-discovery, it’s essential to remember that these are fictional characters, and the actors themselves may have no connection to their characters’ sexual orientations.

Joe Keery’s Real-Life Relationship

As of 2023, Joe Keery is in a relationship with actress Maika Monroe, a relationship that began in 2017. According to GQ, the couple first crossed paths at a party in Los Angeles that same year. Additionally, they both appeared in the film “After Everything” in 2017, further solidifying their connection.

Is Joe Keery gay

Over the years, Joe and Maika have made several public appearances together, including various red carpet events.

However, it’s worth noting that some sources have suggested that Joe Keery and Maika Monroe may have broken up. As with many celebrity relationships, the status of their relationship can change over time, and it’s essential to verify the latest updates from credible sources.

Final Words

In conclusion, Joe Keery’s sexual orientation remains a topic of discussion, but the available evidence suggests that he identifies as straight. Speculation about fictional characters’ sexual orientations in “Stranger Things” should not be conflated with the real-life orientations of the actors portraying them. As for Joe Keery’s relationship status, it may have evolved since 2023, so staying informed through reliable sources is advisable.

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Is Joe Keery openly gay in real life?

No, Joe Keery has not publicly identified as gay. While there have been rumors surrounding his sexuality, his actions and relationships in real life suggest that he is straight.

Why are there speculations about Steve Harrington's sexual orientation in "Stranger Things"?

Speculations about Steve Harrington's sexual orientation arose as the show's storyline depicted his evolving romantic relationships. Initially dating Nancy Wheeler, Steve's character later showed signs of dissatisfaction in his romantic life, leading to debates about his sexual orientation.

Is there a connection between the sexual orientation of "Stranger Things" characters and the actors' real-life orientations?

No, the sexual orientations of characters in "Stranger Things" do not necessarily reflect the actors' real-life orientations. These are fictional roles, and the actors' personal lives are separate from the characters they portray.

Who is Joe Keery dating in real life?

As of 2023, Joe Keery is known to be in a relationship with actress Maika Monroe. They first met in 2017 at a party in Los Angeles and also starred together in the film "After Everything."

Has there been any recent update about Joe Keery and Maika Monroe's relationship?

While Joe Keery and Maika Monroe were known to be in a relationship, there have been recent suggestions from some sources that they may have broken up. As with many celebrity relationships, it's advisable to verify the latest updates through credible sources.
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