Is Nick Sturniolo Gay? Finally, The Internet’s Favorite Star Comes Out!

In the world of the internet, rumors often swirl, and one such speculation has revolved around the enigmatic figure of internet personality Nick Sturniolo. For an extended period, there have been whispers about his sexual orientation, with various websites even suggesting that he had a girlfriend.

However, these speculations left many of his ardent fans dissatisfied. If you were among those who found themselves unsatisfied with the online responses regarding Nick Sturniolo’s sexuality, you need not worry any longer. Today, we bring you the real scoop.

Nick Sturniolo’s Sexual Orientation

Is Nick Sturniolo gay? The answer is a resounding yes. The internet sensation is proudly affiliated with the LGBTQI+ community. What sets this revelation apart from mere hearsay is that Nick himself confirmed it.

In a video shared on August 21st, 2021, one-third of the Sturniolo triplet took a brave step. He not only acknowledged his sexuality but also shared insights into his journey of self-discovery regarding his attraction to the same sex.

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Nick’s realization about his sexual orientation began in the 8th grade when he discovered his preference for boys over girls. However, he was not entirely sure at the time. His confusion deepened when he encountered a heterosexual couple, Teresa and Rob (codename). Nick’s mind oscillated between an attraction to Rob and a perplexing interest in Teresa.

During this period, he began conversing with Teresa, believing he liked her, but, in reality, he was more inclined towards her boyfriend, Rob. Notably, Nick’s Instagram bio proudly proclaims him as ‘the gay triplet,’ an assertion of his true self.

Is Nick Sturniolo Gay

Nick’s Journey Towards Self-Acceptance

The path to self-acceptance is often challenging. Nick’s journey was no different. He initially came out to himself in the 8th grade when he, along with his brothers, used to spend time with boys.

Gradually, he realized that he preferred the company of girls. In 2019, he embarked on the process of coming out, starting with a trusted female friend. Subsequently, he shared his truth with his closest male friends and eventually with his brothers and family.

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Nick Sturniolo’s Relationship Status

Currently, Nick Sturniolo does not have a boyfriend, and he has expressed his frustration with online media and tabloids spreading rumors about him having a girlfriend.

In a candid TikTok video, Nick addressed the issue, reading an article related to his alleged girlfriend. He commented, “It says, Nicholas Sturniolo girlfriend. Nicolas Sturniolo’s relationship and girlfriend. Most celebrities try to keep their secret love life personal. We did a lot of research around Nicolas Sturniolo’s relationship, but we did not find any specific result.

Is Nick Sturniolo Gay

No sht, neither have I. I haven’t found any fckin’ result. And it says, how can you without any specific results? But as soon as we get any information we will definitely update this all.”

Nick also stressed that people should focus on discussing his potential boyfriend rather than perpetuating baseless rumors about his girlfriend.


In conclusion, Nick Sturniolo’s openness about his sexuality and journey of self-acceptance is an inspiring testament to the importance of being true to oneself. It’s crucial to respect his current relationship status and refrain from indulging in unfounded speculations. As Nick continues to thrive as an internet personality, let us celebrate his authenticity and support him on his journey.


Is Nick Sturniolo's revelation about his sexuality recent, or has it been known for a long time?

Nick Sturniolo publicly confirmed his sexuality in August 2021, so the revelation is relatively recent. However, he had realized his attraction to the same sex during his 8th-grade years.

What does Nick's Instagram bio mean when it says 'the gay triplet'?

Nick's Instagram bio proudly identifies him as 'the gay triplet,' signifying his LGBTQI+ identity as a member of the LGBTQI+ community. It's a statement of his true self.

How did Nick Sturniolo's journey toward self-acceptance progress?

Nick initially came out to himself in the 8th grade when he started realizing his attraction to boys. In 2019, he began coming out to trusted friends, starting with a close female associate, then his male best friends, and finally, his brothers and family.

Does Nick Sturniolo currently have a boyfriend?

No, Nick Sturniolo does not have a boyfriend at present. He has expressed his frustration with rumors circulating about him having a girlfriend.

What message did Nick convey in his TikTok video addressing rumors about his girlfriend?

In the TikTok video, Nick emphasized that the rumors about his girlfriend were baseless and that he, too, was unable to find any concrete information about this topic. He encouraged people to focus on discussing his potential boyfriend instead.
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