Is Rick Owens Gay? Fashion Icon Rick Owens’s Secret Sexual Orientation Exposed!

The excellent sense of style of Rick Owens’s “Lord of Darkness” himself isn’t the only thing that has people buzzing. Everyone’s burning question is, “Is Rick Owens gay?” The enigma surrounding his sexuality has kept people talking and thinking.

Let’s get started reading to find out all the answers to those burning questions you’ve been dying to know.

Quick Facts

Name Richard Saturnino Owens
Birthday November 18, 1962
Birthplace Porterville, CA
Father Name John Owens
Mother Name Connie Owens
Ethnicity Half American and Half Mexican
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Is Rick Owens Gay?

Rick is not gay, despite popular belief due to his unorthodox demeanor. This fashion superstar has always followed his own beat, both in his designs and in his personal life. His refusal to comply and his genuine attitude make him an intriguing prominent character in the world of fashion, as well as an appealing figure to the LGBTQAI+ community.

Is Rick Owens Bisexual?

Rick Owens publicly identifies as bisexual, openly expressing his interest in both men and women. This sexual orientation revelation intertwined with his work life when he began a loving involvement with renowned S&M photographer Rick Castro, who also happened to be a close friend of Rick’s present wife, Michèle Lamy.

Is Rick Owens Gay

This unexpected and exciting event in Rick Owens’ personal life added a profound degree of intricacy to his already captivating creative journey. He has bravely declared his bisexuality, resolute in his belief in defying society’s norms and embracing the boundless possibilities that love and relationships may provide. Thus, Rick Owens demonstrates that there is always more beneath the surface, a depth that transcends common views.

Rick Owen’s Take on Sexual Preferences

Owens was married to a woman for 20 years long marriage before this happened. It’s perplexing, given his experience with guys. But the man believes in being open about his sexuality and refuses to pretend he’s straight.

When it comes to sexual orientation, he believes that you don’t have to fit into any tidy little box. He urges people to extend their perspectives and think outside the box. And you know what? He believes that the key to a good relationship extends far beyond sexual compatibility. It’s all about combining various elements.

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Rick Owens’ Relationship Status

Rick Owens is married to Michèle Lamy, a French designer. She is a performer, film producer, and restaurant in addition to being a fashion icon. Owens is 18 years older than the iconic French cultural and fashion personality. With her famous tattooed fingers and gold-plated teeth, she was a 90s icon.

Lamy married experimental filmmaker Richard Newton in 1990, but the couple divorced in 2003. She married Owens three years later.

In 1990, Michèle Lamy launched her own apparel line, Lamy. Rick Owens, who eventually became her business partner, was hired. The couple began dating in Los Angeles and moved to Paris in 2003. They finally married in 2006.

Is Rick Owens Gay

Owens regards her not only as his wife but also as his inspiration. In 2004, the duo founded their own fashion brand, Owenscorp. They describe their economic collaboration as “asking a gypsy to organize a war with a fascist.”

They may appear to be an unusual couple at first glance, with him appearing gay and her tattooed fingers and gold-plated teeth, but they’ve been married for 16 years. This unusual duo was extremely successful in the fashion industry.


Despite widespread perception, fashion designer Rick Owens is not gay. The fashion superstar has always pursued his own path in life and design. Owens openly declares his bisexuality. When he fell in love with S&M photographer Rick Castro, a friend of his wife Michèle Lamy, this epiphany merged with his job life. Owens believes there is always more beneath the surface, beyond popular perceptions.

He believes that strong relationships go beyond sexual compatibility and that people don’t have to fit into a box. Owens married French designer, actress, film producer, and restauranteur Michèle Lamy. Owenscorp, their fashion firm, is described as “asking a gypsy to organize a war with a fascist.” They have been married for 16 years.

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