Is Shemar Moore Gay? From Halle Berry to Jesiree Dizon Navigating His Relationship Timeline!

Shemar Moore has captivated audiences with his stellar performances as an actor and his philanthropic endeavors. As his star continues to rise, fans are naturally curious about Moore’s personal life, particularly his sexuality. While he has been open about many aspects of his love life, Moore has remained tight-lipped about his sexual orientation. In this article, we’ll delve into the details surrounding Shemar Moore’s romantic inclinations.

Shemar Moore: Not Gay, But Open to Diverse Roles

Throughout his illustrious career, Shemar Moore has never portrayed a gay character on screen. Despite playing characters with intricate relationships, there’s no explicit indication of same-gender involvement. However, Moore has expressed support for the LGBTQ+ community, stating that he would be willing to take on a gay role if the storyline aligns perfectly.

Privacy Matters: Shemar Moore’s Stance on Sharing His Sexuality

In the movie “Butter,” Shemar Moore has managed to keep his personal life under wraps, refraining from disclosing his sexual orientation to the media.

Is Shemar Moore Gay

In interviews, he emphasizes the separation of his personal and professional lives, aiming to be remembered for his acting prowess rather than his private affairs. While he advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and equality, Moore neither confirms nor denies speculations surrounding his sexual identity.

Shemar Moore’s Relationship History: Straight and Single

Contrary to any rumors, Shemar Moore is unequivocally straight, having never been romantically involved with another man. His dating history boasts connections with several notable women:

1. Halle Berry

In the early 1990s, Moore and Berry were romantically linked, connecting on the set of a TV program during their aspiring actor days.

2. Toni Braxton

Rumors of a relationship with Toni Braxton circulated in the late 1990s, though neither party publicly acknowledged it.

3. Ashley Scott

During the early 2000s, Moore had a year-long relationship with actress Ashley Scott, originating from their time together on the set of “Birds of Prey.”

4. Kimberly Elise

In 2005, Moore was reportedly dating actress Kimberly Elise, and together they produced the movie “Diary of a Crazy Black Woman.”

5. Shawna Gordon

From 2015 to 2017, Moore was in a relationship with professional soccer player Shawna Gordon, making public appearances together.

6. Anabelle Acosta

A short-term affair with Acosta, known for her role in the movie ‘Quantico.’

7. Jesiree Dizon

Currently, Moore is in a relationship with Jesiree, and the couple welcomed their daughter in January 2023.

Is Shemar Moore Gay

As evident from his dating history, Shemar Moore has exclusively dated women, debunking any speculation about his sexual orientation.

Clarifying the Narrative: Shemar Moore’s Straightforward Sexuality

In conclusion, Shemar Moore’s sexuality is unequivocally straight. Our scrutiny of the facts reveals a consistent attraction to women. If Moore were gay, his relationship history would likely include a male partner. However, his connections have exclusively been with women, dispelling any doubts or misconceptions.

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By unraveling the enigma surrounding Shemar Moore’s love life, we hope to provide clarity and put to rest any uncertainties the audience may have.


Shemar Moore’s guarded approach to his sexuality, coupled with his notable absence from gay roles in his acting career, maintains an air of privacy around this aspect of his life. While he openly supports the LGBTQ+ community, his dating history, exclusively with women, dispels any speculation about his sexual orientation. Moore’s commitment to separating personal and professional spheres underscores his desire to be recognized for his acting prowess and philanthropy, emphasizing the importance of respecting his choice to keep certain aspects of his life private.


Is Shemar Moore gay or has he played gay roles in his career?

No, Shemar Moore is not gay, and there is no record of him portraying gay characters in his acting career. While he has expressed support for the LGBTQ+ community, his on-screen roles have not included explicitly gay characters.

Why hasn't Shemar Moore shared details about his sexuality publicly?

Shemar Moore has chosen to keep his personal life, including his sexuality, private. He emphasizes the separation of his personal and professional life, focusing on being remembered for his acting skills rather than his private affairs.

Who has Shemar Moore dated in the past?

Shemar Moore has been romantically linked to several high-profile women, including Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Ashley Scott, Kimberly Elise, Shawna Gordon, Anabelle Acosta, and Jesiree Dizon. His dating history exclusively involves relationships with women.

Has Shemar Moore ever been married?

No, Shemar Moore has never been married. While he has had significant relationships, including a year-long one with actress Ashley Scott, he has not taken the step of getting married.

What is the conclusive evidence of Shemar Moore's sexuality?

Shemar Moore's dating history and current relationship status provide conclusive evidence of his straight sexuality. With no record of romantic involvement with men and a history of relationships with women, including his current partner Jesiree Dizon, it affirms his heterosexual orientation.
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