Pope Acknowledges Criticism from Parents of LGBTQ Children

Pope Francis has reached out to a group of parents in Malta who have LGBTQ children, acknowledging their worries about a recent Vatican document that criticized gender theory and surgeries for gender affirmation. In a letter dated April 30, the Pope shared that he’s taken their concerns to heart.

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This communication from the Pope comes after Drachma Parents, a group supporting LGBTQ Catholics, sent an initial letter expressing their reservations about the Vatican’s document titled “Dignitas Infinita.” This document, released on April 8, expands the Church’s definition of serious violations against human dignity, including gender surgeries and theories.

Pope’s Response

In his letter, Pope Francis praised the work of Drachma Parents and assured them that he’s receptive to their concerns. Although the contents of the Pope’s letter remain private, it reflects his willingness to discuss sensitive topics affecting LGBTQ individuals and their families.

Criticisms Highlighted

The original letter from Drachma Parents raised various criticisms of the Vatican document, including:

– Concerns about the possible exclusion of transgender individuals within the Church.
– Fears of increased discrimination, hate speech, and violence against LGBTQ individuals.
– Disagreement with the inclusion of gender theories and medical interventions for transgender individuals alongside issues like poverty and war.
– The lack of scientific or theological studies supporting the assertions made in the document.

Pope Acknowledges Criticism from Parents of LGBTQ Children

Call for Dialogue

Joseanne Peregin, one of the founders of Drachma Parents, stressed the importance of open dialogue and discussions within the Church concerning LGBTQ issues. She emphasized the need to engage with experts, drawing parallels to past consultations on climate change before the release of the encyclical “Laudato Si’.”

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Moving Forward

Despite concerns raised by the Vatican document, Drachma Parents remains committed to their mission of supporting LGBTQ individuals within the Church. They express hope for ongoing dialogue and collaboration to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ community and the Church.


Pope Francis’ acknowledgment of the concerns raised by Drachma Parents demonstrates a willingness to engage in meaningful discussions about LGBTQ issues within the Church. As these conversations progress, there’s optimism for increased understanding, inclusivity, and support for LGBTQ individuals and their families.

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