Public School Attempts to Censor Student’s LGBTQ+ Artwork, Sparking Controversy

In a Virginia school district, a recent uproar emerged as certain board members aimed to quash a high school student’s artwork, citing offense to religious beliefs. During an urgent board meeting, concerns arose regarding the perceived disrespect portrayed in the artwork.

Artwork Under Fire: Addressing Religious Trauma

Abby Driscoll’s piece, titled “But Not Enough to Save You,” became the focal point of contention. The artwork features praying hands clutching a rosary, set against rainbow-dripped Bible pages. The stark proclamation, “GOD LOVES YOU BUT NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE YOU,” challenges conventional religious views.

Exploring Trauma Through Art

Driscoll, the artist, sought to shed light on the religious and societal struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. Raised in a conservative religious community, she aimed to confront the challenges of growing up queer amidst discrimination and rejection.

Public School Attempts to Censor Student’s LGBTQ+ Artwork, Sparking Controversy

Facing Pushback: Reactions to Artistic Expression

After unveiling her artwork, Driscoll faced immediate criticism, with some deeming it offensive. School board member Tim Simmons voiced personal offense, sparking discussions about the piece’s appropriateness. Despite opposition, Driscoll received support from her principal, upholding her right to express herself artistically.

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Reflecting on Impact and Freedom of Speech

Driscoll’s artwork sparked discussions about censorship, freedom of speech, and the role of art in societal discourse. While some viewed the piece as disrespectful, others acknowledged its power to provoke meaningful dialogue. Driscoll’s experience underscores the complexities of navigating diverse perspectives.


The controversy prompts reflections on the future of artistic expression in educational settings. Driscoll’s commitment to confronting societal truths through art highlights its potential to inspire change. As society grapples with evolving attitudes, her artwork stands as a symbol of resilience against censorship.

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