These 5 Queer Women Bringing Laughter to Every Corner of the Internet!

In the realm of comedy, lesbian performers, although a minority, have consistently secured a place among the most beloved entertainers. Icons like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, Wanda Sykes, and Lily Tomlin have long been staples in America’s comedic landscape.

However, the advent of social media has ushered in a new wave of talent, reshaping the stand-up scene and challenging the established norms set by predominantly straight male comedians. Here, we spotlight some of the finest queer women who are not just making people laugh but are also reshaping the comedic narrative.

1. Jessica Kirson: Instagram’s Comedy Dynamo

Queer Women Making Waves in the Online Comedy Scene

Jessica Kirson, a familiar face on Instagram, has captivated audiences with her engaging Q&A sessions. These sessions have become algorithm favorites, earning her a spot among the platform’s most beloved creators.

Kirson’s high-energy delivery and razor-sharp wit not only make her a sought-after guest on late-night television but also contribute to the humor that permeates her unscripted interactions with the audience.

2. Gina Yashere: Bridging Cultures Through Comedy

Queer Women Making Waves in the Online Comedy Scene

Gina Yashere, a British-Nigerian comedian, stands out as one of television’s funniest stand-up performers. As the first English comedian to grace The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Yashere brings a unique blend of candor and storytelling to her comedy. Audiences find themselves drawn into her comedic exploits, making her a standout in the world of comedy.

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3. Cameron Esposito: A Multifaceted Comedy Force

Queer Women Making Waves in the Online Comedy Scene

Cameron Esposito, a versatile talent, has left her mark on various comedy realms, including stand-up, writing, acting, and podcasting. Embracing her identity as a lesbian, Esposito weaves insightful narratives about her relationships and experiences as a queer woman, offering audiences a fresh perspective on life’s comedic intricacies.

4. Catherine Bohart: The Global Rise of a Comedy Sensation

Queer Women Making Waves in the Online Comedy Scene

Hailing from Ireland, Catherine Bohart has become a comedic standard across borders, transcending geographical boundaries through her internet presence.

Known for her clever and outrageous humor, this bisexual comic has gained a massive following on social media. Clips from her performances swiftly go viral, solidifying her status as a favorite among global audiences.

5. Cara Conners: From the Fringe Festival to Office Parties

Queer Women Making Waves in the Online Comedy Scene

Cara Conners, a globe-trotting comedian with performances worldwide, recently graced the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Notably, the best place to experience this Los Angeles-based comedian’s wit is at the office party.

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Interestingly, her partner, Maddie, works for LGBTQ Nation’s parent company, Q.Digital, a setup that not only showcases Conners’ talent but also provides a cost-effective and humorous alternative to traditional travel expenses.


These remarkable lesbian comedians are not just making people laugh; they are reshaping the comedic landscape, infusing humor with personal narratives, and redefining the standards set by their predecessors.

As social media continues to be a driving force in entertainment, these comedians are using their unique voices to make the world laugh out loud, proving that diversity in comedy is not just welcomed but celebrated.


Who are some prominent lesbian comedians making waves in the comedy scene today?

Notable lesbian comedians shaping contemporary comedy include Jessica Kirson, known for her engaging Instagram Q&A sessions, and Gina Yashere, a British-Nigerian talent celebrated for her candid and humorous storytelling on television.

How has social media impacted the rise of lesbian comedians?

Social media has played a pivotal role in catapulting lesbian comedians to stardom. Platforms like Instagram have given talents like Jessica Kirson a global audience, allowing them to redefine humor by infusing personal narratives and challenging conventional norms.

What makes Cameron Esposito a multifaceted force in the world of comedy?

Cameron Esposito's versatility shines through her roles as a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster. Embracing her identity as a lesbian, she offers audiences unique insights into her experiences, contributing to a rich and diverse comedic landscape.

How is Catherine Bohart gaining global recognition as a comedian?

Catherine Bohart, an Irish comedian, is garnering international acclaim through her internet presence. Her clever and outrageous humor, coupled with viral social media clips, has made her a comedy sensation, transcending geographical boundaries and appealing to a diverse global audience.

Can you share an interesting fact about Cara Conners and her comedic journey?

Certainly! Cara Conners, a Los Angeles-based comedian, recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Interestingly, the best place to witness her comedic brilliance is not on a traditional stage but at the office party, showcasing her ability to bring laughter to unexpected settings.
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