Is Weston Koury Gay-explore All About His Sexuality, Relationships and Dating History!

Weston Kauri: Is he gay? Fans continue to question if Weston Kauri is gay despite his bright personality and playful behavior. People are interested in figuring out the truth and whether Weston Cowry is gay or not. He hasn’t been spotted with anyone, thus his single status created suspicions and speculation regarding his sexual orientation. Fans are debating whether they think he is gay and eagerly await any information about his private life that can clarify the matter.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 7, 2002
City of Birth Jamestown, North Carolina
Age 20
Profession YouTuber, Musician
Parents Name Scott Koury and Hilary Koury
Siblings Kalynn Koury


Who is Weston Koury?

Meet Weston Corey, a prominent social media artist and influencer whose rise to prominence is a riveting story full of entertainment and intriguing connections. The celebrity was born on January 7, 2002, in North Carolina, and has a natural passion to create cinematic miracles and connect with his audience. Weston’s wondrous body soon grabbed the hearts of social media platforms, thanks to his charming beauty and captivating aura.

He has made a positive impression in the virtual world by revealing his actual nature. His meteoric rise began on YouTube, where he stunned audiences with amusing skits and relatable content, rapidly growing his devoted fan base. Weston has also dabbled in YouTube and TikTok, where he has captivated his audience with enthralling vlogs, daring challenges, and intriguing partnerships.

Is Weston Koury Gay?

Weston Koury is not gay. People have speculated about his sexual orientation, but the reality is quite different. Exploring his dating history paints a clear picture. His romantic relationships have all been with women, and the most recent and notable figure in his life is none other than Aisha Rae, a well-known social media celebrity.

Despite the continued debates and lingering curiosity, the evidence speaks for itself, decisively confirming his predilection for female interactions. His undeniable ties and sincere interactions attest to his straight orientation. Rest certain, the truth rests in the sincerity of his sexual relationships with the fairer gender.

is weston koury gay

How Did People Begin to Assume That Weston Koury Was Gay?

Fans can’t help but create conclusions about his sexuality since they want to know the truth and whether or not he is gay. Previously, his single status fueled rumors and theories regarding his sexuality because he didn’t appear to have a love relationship.

Fans of the social media celebrity are ecstatic because they don’t know much about his personal life. They are anticipating any indications or peeks into his personal life that may provide light on this fascinating subject.

As his popularity grows, so do the stories surrounding him, making everyone curious.

This year, several celebrities have been caught in the crossfire of their opponents. Toby Anstis, David Dobrik, and many other well-known persons are represented. But, through our posts, we have already answered all of the fans’ questions. We hope this helps to answer your question about whether Weston Koury is gay.

History of Weston Koury Relationships

Famous social media star Weston Cowry’s love story has been a mystery, which keeps his fans intrigued. He had a brief relationship with Irene Marie Lakis in 2016, but it did not last long.

In 2023, rumors abounded about his romance with Ayesha Rae Ordonia, a fellow TikTok star and YouTuber.


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Youtuber James Charles Slept With Weston Once, and It Was Very Controversial

Early in 2021, James Charles, a well-known beauty professor, became embroiled in a scandal that shook the YouTube community. It all started when it was revealed that he had been sending improper private messages to a number of underage boys since 2017.

James Charles was accused of sending explicit and sexual texts to these young boys in the late 2010s. There were numerous scandalous reports about him on the internet.

The makeup artist asked a 15-year-old lad named Koury if he shaved his legs in one text exchange that raised eyebrows. It’s vital to remember that Charles was still in his youth. At the moment, he was 17 years old. This occurred before to Koury’s fame as a Twitch streamer, making it all the more startling.

James’s business suffered greatly as a result of these devastating charges. Charles eventually came out and admitted to having sexual encounters with underage guys.

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Other Facts

  • Weston Corey can’t ride a bicycle.
  • Despite the discussions, Weston is not gay and has even claimed it on his Instagram. His bio clearly describes him as “he”.
  • Corey has a very complicated enemy-potential boyfriend-like relationship with fellow gamer Jeslat or Jonathan Schlatt.
  • Weston also did a cover of Justin Bieber’s song Mistletoe.
  • He joined YouNow in 2015.
  • In 2017, he and 17 internet-famous promoters of Walled City opposites were sent by Universal Orlando who signed on to visit and film their experiences.


Weston Koury, a social media influencer, is famous for his charm and charisma. Weston, born in Jamestown, North Carolina, on January 7, 2002, has impressed the virtual world by being himself. His YouTube skits and accessible content launched his career. Weston also posted captivating vlogs, bold challenges, and fascinating partnerships on YouTube and TikTok.

Despite Weston’s sexuality being debated, the truth is otherwise. His romantic partners have all been women, most recently social media star Aisha Rae. His preference for women is evident.

Weston Koury’s relationship with Ayesha Rae Ordonia was rumored in 2023. YouTuber James Charles slacked Weston, causing outrage. Charles confessed to sexually assaulting minor boys.

Weston has denied being gay on Instagram. He and fellow player Jeslat or Jonathan Schlatt have a convoluted enemy-potential boyfriend relationship. Universal Orlando dispatched him to YouNow in 2015 to document their experiences.

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