Embracing Diversity: Bisexual Inclusivity Among Older Adults

In this insightful piece, Terri Clark, a certified trainer at SAGE, shines a light on the often unnoticed struggles faced by bisexual elders within the LGBTQ+ community. Despite advancements in acceptance, bisexual individuals, especially elders, confront challenges of invisibility and marginalization.

Clark shares her personal journey of discovering and accepting her fluid sexuality later in life. She brings attention to the obstacles encountered by bisexual elders, such as increased loneliness and mental health issues stemming from societal norms and a lack of representation.

Referencing various studies, Clark emphasizes the disparities experienced by bisexual elders in comparison to their gay and lesbian peers. The reluctance to come out leaves them more isolated, with adverse effects on their well-being.

At the core of these challenges lies widespread biphobia and the erasure of bisexuality, both in society and within LGBTQ+ communities. Misconceptions and resistance from both heterosexual and queer circles contribute to the hesitance of bisexual elders to reveal their true selves.

Embracing Diversity: Bisexual Inclusivity Among Older Adults

However, there is hope on the horizon. Organizations like SAGE are actively addressing the unique needs of bisexual elders. Through initiatives like the SAGE x HearMe app, safe spaces are provided for sharing experiences, while SAGECare integrates bisexual topics into training programs for caregivers.

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Clark underscores the importance of fostering inclusivity and understanding in retirement and long-term care settings. By challenging misconceptions and advocating for fluidity in sexuality, allies can create a more supportive environment for bisexual elders to age gracefully.

Ultimately, embracing the diversity of attraction and allowing individuals to express themselves authentically is crucial for a more inclusive society. By acknowledging and validating the experiences of bisexual elders, we empower all members of the LGBTQ+ community to live their truth.

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