Accuser Drops Lawsuit Against Shangela Amid Ongoing Allegations

A former production assistant (PA) on HBO’s docuseries We’re Here has decided to withdraw his lawsuit accusing Darius Jeremy “DJ” Pierce, also known as Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race, of rape. This decision brings an end to one legal battle for Pierce, but he still faces accusations of sexual misconduct from five other men.

Daniel McGarrigle, the PA who initiated the lawsuit, alleged that Pierce raped him in a Louisiana hotel room after a crew party in 2020. The lawsuit sought damages for sexual assault, harassment, gender violence, false imprisonment, and negligence.

Pierce strongly denied the allegations, stating that they were completely false and without merit. He pointed to an external investigation that found no evidence to support the claims.

Accuser Drops Lawsuit Against Shangela Amid Ongoing Allegations

Although McGarrigle agreed to drop his case during a mediation session in January, five more men came forward in March with similar accusations against Pierce. These incidents allegedly occurred between 2012 and 2018, involving individuals who were reportedly intoxicated and unable to give consent.

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While expressing concerns about the potential impact on LGBTQ+ narratives, the accusers believe that Pierce should be held accountable for his alleged actions. It’s worth noting that they have publicly opposed anti-drag bans in Republican-led states.

In response to these accusations, Pierce temporarily paused his social media presence but returned on April 4 with an Instagram post expressing gratitude and resilience.

While McGarrigle’s withdrawal may signal the end of one legal battle for Pierce, the unresolved accusations from other individuals indicate that he still faces challenges ahead.

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