George Santos Embraces Drag Persona After Denial

Former Congressman George Santos (R-NY) is set to embrace his drag persona, Kitara Rivache, after vehemently denying his past involvement in the drag scene. Santos, who previously refuted rumors about his drag history, is now leaning into his former identity.

A Shift in Perspective

In a surprising turn of events, Santos, who faced scrutiny over his past denials, is now openly acknowledging his drag persona. Despite previous claims dismissing allegations of his drag involvement as “outrageous,” Santos appears eager to reintroduce Kitara Rivache to the public eye.

A New Platform for Performance

Santos announced his return to drag performance via social media, expressing enthusiasm for reconnecting with audiences. He revealed his participation on the Cameo app, where individuals can request personalized video messages from celebrities, including Santos in his Kitara persona.

Monetary Motivations

Santos, who charges $275 for personalized video messages on Cameo, asserts that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations. However, allegations of misappropriating funds in the past have raised doubts regarding his philanthropic intentions.

George Santos Embraces Drag Persona After Denial

Revisiting Past Controversies

The revelation of Santos’s drag past resurfaced after an MSNBC journalist published an article featuring images of Santos as Kitara Rivache. Despite initial denials on social media, testimonies from individuals acquainted with Santos during his drag performances corroborate his involvement in the scene.

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Ongoing Scrutiny

Santos’s decision to embrace his drag persona comes amidst ongoing scrutiny over his conduct, both in his political career and personal life. Despite facing expulsion from Congress due to ethical violations, Santos appears undeterred in his pursuit of public attention.


George Santos’s journey from denial to acceptance of his drag identity reflects a complex narrative of self-discovery and public perception. As he steps back into the spotlight, Santos’s actions continue to provoke discussion and debate, highlighting the intersection of identity, fame, and accountability in the public sphere.

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