Southern States Sue Biden Administration Over LGBTQ+ Discrimination Rule

Four Southern states, along with conservative organizations, are taking legal action against the Biden administration regarding a recent regulation prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in education.

Title IX Rules and LGBTQ+ Protections

In a move to address the rights of LGBTQ+ students, the Department of Education (DOE) introduced new Title IX rules earlier this month. These rules, which interpret Title IX’s ban on sex-based discrimination in education, serve as a legal shield against anti-LGBTQ+ policies within schools.

Legal Background and Implications

The legal argument rests on the idea that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity inherently involves considerations of sex, a concept upheld by the Supreme Court in its 2020 Bostock v. Clayton Co. decision regarding job discrimination.

Impact on Schools and Students

Under the new rule, any educational institution receiving federal funding cannot discriminate against LGBTQ+ students. This could affect states and districts with policies that disclose LGBTQ+ students’ information to parents or restrict trans students from using bathrooms aligning with their gender identity. Moreover, the regulation offers students facing discrimination avenues for recourse in federal courts.

Legal Challenge and Allegations

Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, supported by conservative groups, argue that the Biden administration overreached its authority in implementing the rule. They contend that the rule extends beyond the original scope of Title IX and infringes upon states’ rights.

Southern States Sue Biden Administration Over LGBTQ+ Discrimination Rule

Opposition and Critique

Opponents of the rule, including Parents Defending Education and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, argue that it undermines parental rights and alters the original intent of Title IX. They assert that the rule’s definition of harassment restricts free speech and departs from the law’s initial purpose.

Ongoing Legal Battles

Legal challenges against the rule continue, with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton leading a separate lawsuit. Paxton contends that the Biden administration misinterpreted Title IX and asserts that protections for transgender individuals undermine existing legal safeguards for women.

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State Responses and Defiance

Several states, including Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, have either ignored or announced plans to defy the new Title IX rules. They argue that such regulations endanger women’s protections and represent federal overreach.


The legal dispute surrounding Title IX and LGBTQ+ protections underscores the complex intersection of federal authority, state sovereignty, and civil rights. As legal battles unfold, the implications of these regulations will continue to shape the landscape of education and LGBTQ+ rights in the United States.

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