Troye Sivan’s Inspiring Path to Authenticity and Acceptance!

In the ever-evolving landscape of self-identity, Troye Sivan, the talented ‘My My My!’ singer, recently shared his profound journey of self-discovery in an exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia. He opened up about the challenging process of coming to terms with his sexuality and revealed his personal struggle with embracing his true self. Let’s delve into the transformative experiences of this remarkable artist.

Troye Sivan’s story is one that resonates with many who have faced the daunting task of coming out. He acknowledges that “coming out as gay is one thing. And then coming out as the person you want to be is a whole other separate journey.” Sivan’s early life was marked by a profound fear of his own sexuality, a fear that persisted for the first 15 years. He candidly admits, “I was terrified of it.”

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Troye Sivan’s path to self-acceptance and self-expression has not been without its challenges. Growing up in a society that didn’t initially embrace his identity, he found himself at a crossroads. He is still in the process of reconciling his past fears and current desires. Sivan’s journey is marked by introspection and self-discovery, as he questions his own preferences and acknowledges that there are no set rules.

The Artistic Identity

One aspect that distinguishes Troye Sivan is his seamless integration of his sexuality into his artistic identity. He initially revealed his sexual orientation in 2013 on his YouTube channel, a courageous step that exposed his true self to the world. However, this revelation was not without its complexities. He reflects on this, saying, “I never set out to be this gay pop idol.” Sivan expresses his surprise as he noticed young girls attending his shows, pondering why they were there. He assumed it was his music, which he found “awesome.” But as his songs ‘My My My!’ and ‘Bloom’ gained popularity, he observed a shift in his audience. Younger fans filled the front rows, while older gay individuals occupied the back of the venue, marking a fascinating transformation. However, Sivan emphasizes that he never actively sought to be a gay pop icon. He’s genuinely grateful that people connect with his music.

Recent Endeavors

Troye Sivan continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. He recently collaborated with Charli XCX on a captivating music video for their track ‘2099,’ part of Charli’s new album. Directed by Bradley & Pablo, the video showcases Sivan and Charli XCX having an adventurous time on jet skis, pulling off remarkable stunts.

In conclusion, Troye Sivan’s journey is a testament to the power of self-acceptance and embracing one’s true identity. Through his experiences and music, he inspires countless individuals to live authentically and unapologetically.



1. What inspired Troye Sivan to open up about his sexuality?

Troye Sivan's inspiration to come out about his sexuality stemmed from a desire to live authentically and help others who might be going through similar experiences. He wanted to be a positive role model for those struggling with self-identity.

2:How did Troye Sivan's audience change after his music gained popularity?

Troye Sivan noticed a shift in his audience as his music gained popularity. While initially, his fans were primarily young girls, he observed a transformation. Younger fans filled the front rows, while older gay individuals started attending his shows, reflecting the evolving demographics of his fanbase.

3:What message does Troye Sivan's journey send to young people questioning their sexuality?

Troye Sivan's journey sends a powerful message of hope and self-acceptance to young people questioning their sexuality. It encourages them to embrace who they are and recognize that there are no set rules for self-discovery.

4: How has Troye Sivan integrated his sexuality into his artistic identity?

Troye Sivan seamlessly integrated his sexuality into his artistic identity by openly expressing his true self through his music and public appearances. He believes in being genuine and true to himself, which has resonated with his fans.

5:What is Troye Sivan's most recent musical collaboration, and what makes it unique?

Troye Sivan's recent collaboration is with Charli XCX on the track '2099,' which is part of Charli's new album. The accompanying music video features the duo having an adventurous time on jet skis and showcasing impressive stunts, making it a unique and captivating experience for fans.




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