Inside the Allegations: Rep. Matt Gaetz and the Allegations of Underage Presence and Drug Use

A sworn statement from a witness suggests that Rep. Matt Gaetz was present at a party in 2017 where illegal drugs and an underage girl were reportedly present. According to ABC News, this statement, acquired by the House Ethics Committee, is part of an ongoing investigation into Gaetz’s potential use of illegal drugs during his tenure in Congress.

The statement, not specifically crafted for the committee and not primarily focused on Gaetz as per ABC News, recounts an incident in Florida during the summer of 2017.

The unidentified woman who provided the statement claims that alcohol, cocaine, and MDMA were accessible at the party. Furthermore, she alleges witnessing a then-minor, who Gaetz has been accused of engaging in sexual relations with when she was 17, nude at the party.

However, the statement does not clarify whether the witness had awareness of Gaetz’s alleged sexual misconduct with the minor. Gaetz’s spokesperson informed ABC News that the congressman does not recollect attending such a party and refutes using illicit drugs since his time in Congress.

The allegations against Gaetz go beyond this particular incident. Previously, he was under investigation by the Justice Department over allegations of sex trafficking involving a minor. However, in February 2023, the DOJ concluded its investigation without bringing charges due to credibility concerns with key witnesses.

Inside the Allegations: Rep. Matt Gaetz and the Allegations of Underage Presence and Drug Use

Nevertheless, the House Ethics Committee has reopened its inquiry into Gaetz’s alleged sexual misconduct, drug use, and possible lobbying infractions. The committee has contacted the woman involved in the alleged sexual encounter with Gaetz, as well as Joel Greenberg, a former associate of Gaetz who admitted guilt to sex trafficking charges.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested that Gaetz’s attempt to remove him from the speakership stemmed from McCarthy’s inability to halt the Ethics Committee’s investigation into Gaetz. McCarthy recounted Gaetz’s purported request for him to intervene in the investigation during a speech at Georgetown University.

Gaetz’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues has also faced criticism. He has consistently opposed LGBTQ+ equality, earning a “0” on the HRC’s Congressional Scorecard.

In addition to voting against LGBTQ+ rights, Gaetz has made disparaging comments about LGBTQ+ individuals, opposed transgender military service, and criticized federal agencies for supporting LGBTQ+ initiatives.

To summarize, the allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz include claims of attendance at a party with illegal drugs and an underage girl, alongside broader investigations into sexual misconduct and ethical violations. Gaetz’s denial of these allegations, along with ongoing investigations, underscores the gravity of the accusations against him.

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