Queer Voters Rally Behind Biden: A Look at the 2024 Elections

As we gear up for the November general elections, it’s clear that LGBTQ+ voters are throwing their weight behind President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Despite this, there’s a persistent chorus demanding stronger action to protect LGBTQ+ rights. Let’s delve into the latest insights from a survey conducted by Data for Progress among 873 LGBTQ+ adults, revealing a nuanced perspective that goes beyond just LGBTQ+ issues.

Favorable Views: Biden and Democrats Leading the Way

The survey highlights a strong preference among LGBTQ+ adults for President Biden and the Democratic Party. A significant 57% of respondents view the Democratic Party favorably, with 51% holding a positive opinion of President Biden. In contrast, only 20% have a favorable view of the Republican Party, and a mere 22% see former President Donald Trump in a positive light.

Calls for Action Amidst Support

While many LGBTQ+ respondents express support for President Biden and the Democratic Party, there’s a clear call for more proactive measures to combat anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

A striking 70% of LGBTQ+ individuals who identify as Democrats, including 81% of Democratic transgender adults, are pushing for stronger efforts from the Democratic Party to safeguard queer Americans from discriminatory laws. Notably, younger respondents are leading the charge for more action.

Queer Voters Stand Firm with Biden, Yet Call for Democratic Action

Diverse Priorities: Going Beyond LGBTQ+ Issues

Interestingly, LGBTQ+ issues rank third among the top concerns for queer voters when deciding whom to support in elections. Economic factors, such as employment and inflation, take precedence, reflecting a multifaceted approach to political decision-making within the LGBTQ+ community.

This nuanced stance may be influenced by the ongoing wage gap experienced by LGBTQ+ workers, highlighting the intersectionality of economic and LGBTQ+ rights issues.

Transgender Perspectives: A Unique Angle

Transgender respondents emerge as a distinct group within the LGBTQ+ community, with notable differences in perceptions.

While many express disappointment in the Biden Administration’s performance, with 52% of trans respondents feeling let down compared to 46% of cisgender respondents, transgender individuals consistently prioritize LGBTQ+ issues in their voting decisions. This underscores the unique challenges faced by transgender individuals and the need for tailored policy responses.

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Political Disillusionment Coupled with Enthusiasm

Despite doubts about the commitment of both major political parties to LGBTQ+ concerns, LGBTQ+ voters show a strong enthusiasm for participating in the electoral process.

A majority, comprising 61% of respondents, express excitement for the upcoming 2024 elections, although younger voters show slightly less enthusiasm. This mix of disillusionment and excitement highlights the complex nature of LGBTQ+ political engagement today.

Partisan Polarization and its Impact

The strong support for Democrats among LGBTQ+ voters can be attributed to the way the Republican Party has framed LGBTQ+ equality as a partisan issue.

This polarization has led to a unified front with the Democratic Party, driven by the perceived threat posed by Republican policies. It underscores the crucial role of political messaging and policy stances in shaping LGBTQ+ electoral behavior.


In conclusion, while LGBTQ+ voters overwhelmingly support President Biden and the Democratic Party, there’s a clear demand for more proactive measures to address LGBTQ+ rights issues.

The diverse priorities of queer voters emphasize the need for comprehensive policies that address both economic and LGBTQ+ concerns. As we approach the 2024 elections, the political landscape within the LGBTQ+ community continues to evolve, shaped by shifting attitudes and policy debates.

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