The Emotional Toll of Forcing LGBTQ+ Youth Out of the Closet

As debates over policies requiring schools to disclose LGBTQ+ students’ identities to their parents continue, recent research sheds light on the harmful effects of such measures.

A study from the University of Connecticut reveals that a significant portion of youth who are forcibly outed experience major depression and reduced family support. Additionally, the majority describe the experience as highly stressful, with trans youth reporting even higher levels of stress compared to their cisgender peers.

The study underscores the importance of respecting students’ right to privacy, as highlighted by ACLU spokesperson Gillian Branstetter. She emphasizes the need to protect vulnerable youth facing significant risks.

According to study author Peter McCauley, these policies may inadvertently perpetuate prejudice or harassment against LGBTQ+ individuals. McCauley stresses the importance of prioritizing the well-being of affected youth and raising awareness of the severe health consequences.

Forced outing policies increase risks of major depression in LGBTQ+ youth

Highlighting the double standard, Ta’LannaMonique Lawson-Dickerson points out the inconsistency in expecting LGBTQ+ individuals to disclose their identities while not placing similar expectations on heterosexual peers.

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Currently, forced outing policies primarily target trans and nonbinary students, with five states legally mandating schools to disclose this information to parents. Additionally, six other states endorse or promote similar practices.

These laws often force schools to reveal a student’s chosen name or pronouns, potentially putting their safety at risk. LGBTQ+ advocates strongly oppose such policies, as evidenced by legal challenges and advocacy efforts.

Despite legal obstacles, some school districts persist in enforcing outing rules, disregarding warnings and potential legal consequences. The case of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District serves as a stark example of this defiance, highlighting the ongoing struggle to protect the rights and mental well-being of LGBTQ+ youth.

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